Passion Flower hairpin modelled by Kate
“I once saw an exquisite Lalique hairpin in the Musée D’Orsay, made from carved horn, gold and diamonds – it was one of the most extraordinary and original pieces I’d ever seen. I suddenly had a realisation of the incredible beauty and sculptural potential of this genre of fine jewellery that was all but forgotten…”
“…It’s now my mission to reinvent the hairpin and tiara as fine contemporary jewellery. I want to create statement pieces that express something poetic as objects of beauty in themselves, but that also take on an extraordinary new dimension when worn.”Jo Thorne
“It is exceptionally rare to find an unexplored genre of contemporary fine jewellery. Through her unique exploration of hair adornment, Jo Thorne brings extraordinary craft and design to a forgotten icon of the jewellery world, with a subtlety and delicacy that makes her work unmistakably feminine.” Annoushka Ducas MBE, founder of Links of London and Annoushka

Jo Thorne is an award-winning goldsmith and recent alumna of the Crafted program, an initiative by Walpole British Luxury in association with Vacheron Constantin. She is part of a new generation of makers who are trail-blazing a renaissance of worldwide interest in British design and craft, with support from the luxury industry and high-profile ambassadors such as Annoushka Ducas and Theo Fennell. Jo uses repetition of abstracted natural forms to create patterns, branches and meshes, which are then forged from precious metals into fine three-dimensional structures, and set with gemstones. She has absorbed and distilled diverse influences, from Islamic arabesque art to masters such as Lalique, the art deco and nouveau movements, and the costume jewellery of Chanel. Her epiphany as a designer came when she discovered an affinity for the scale and aesthetic challenge of the fine hair adornment: a neglected classic, and a statement piece every bit as powerful as a fine necklace or brooch. Jo is now pioneering the reinvention of this forgotten icon of jewellery design, driven by a passionate belief that these fabulous statements should be liberated from obscurity and restored to their rightful inheritance as precious pieces — truly iconic and feminine, and gracing the most prestigious of events. Her Passion Flower hairpin was recently awarded a gold by the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council at the celebrated ‘Jewellery Oscars’ 2014.